Mule Deer are one of the most sought-after big game animals in the world. Hunting these animals is as difficult as it is rewarding. At South Creek Outfitters, we know that location, knowledge, patience, skill, and commitment make up the formula for a successful harvest of a Mule Deer Buck.



We offer five-day hunts led by one of our professional, experienced guides. 

All our hunts are guided in a two-on-one format. 

Our season extends from September 11 to November 10.

(Please check with us for available hunt dates within this window.)



If you plan to fly to the closest, we can arrange your transportation to and from and will meet you at the property the day before your hunt starts. 

After you arrive, you will be introduced to your guide and enjoy a great home-cooked meal.

Our camp has all the comforts of home: electricity, internet, running water, phone, satellite TV, and comfortable camp trailers to sleep in. 

(To see a detailed list of needed items to bring, please download the packing checklist below.)

After you have arrived for your hunt, we will review the property rules, answer any questions you might have, and we will have you shoot your gun for accuracy. 

 A typical day starts with a light breakfast. Then,  you and your guide will head out for the morning hunt before first light in one of our trucks. We will have lunch for you when you return and, after the evening hunt is over, a home-cooked dinner. We also provide all drinks, snacks, and goodies. (Please note we do not provide alcohol.)

Once you have harvested your animal, your guide will be responsible for capping, cleaning, quartering and transporting your bull to camp. Your guide can help you arrange to have the meat processed and the trophy prepared.



All our hunts take place on private property in various locations.  It's all mule deer paradise. The scenery is breathtaking and varied: rolling hills; sagebrush flats; alfalfa fields; deep, pine-covered draws; and peaks reaching above 8,500 feet. This variety will accommodate nearly any type of hunter and hunting party—whether you prefer to hike, to drive and glass from trucks, or to sit in a blind.  Our camp and properties are set up perfectly for those who wish to enjoy their hunt with son(s), daughter(s), or a significant other.



Over the years, the success rate of this property has been 80% to 95% for a 120 -150 BC class buck. These properties always produces a handful of bucks that will gross 170-180 BC. The average bucks taken range from 18 to 24 inches with 4 points on each side. Please reference the photo section of the website to see the quality of bucks taken on this property.



Our base camps have all the comforts of home: satellite TV, electricity, WiFi internet, toilets, showers, and comfortable camp trailers. Cell phone reception is good in camp, and there is a landline telephone if needed.



At South Creek Outfitters, one valuable benefit we provide is guaranteed tags. You will not need to draw this permit. Once your hunt is booked and paid for, we will supply you with the proper tags and licenses.



2 on 1 - $3990.00 per hunter, 5 day hunt.

 Non-hunting companion - $100.00 per day.

 Airport Round Trip Transportation - $250.00 per 2 people.



A $1,000.00 dollar non-refundable deposit is required to hold the hunt. On January 1st of the year you will be hunting, 50% of the remaining balance is due. The final payment is due 90 days before your hunt.



Resident Hunting License & Buck Deer Tag: $71.00

Non-resident Hunting License & Buck Deer Tag: $338.00

(These fees are subject to change with the DWR)


We suggest tipping our guides and cooks a customary 20-30% of the total price of your hunt. They greatly appreciate this acknowledgment of their services.


Please call, text or email us anytime with questions.