Mike Mcdaniel - 707-738-6234

"I’ve hunted with South Creek Outfitters now for the past 10 years. My family and I love their outfit. The food is SUPERB, the people are amazing and the hunting is terrific. Our whole family looks forward to this hunt each year. The camp is comfortable and the setting is beautiful. Please call me if you have any questions. Thanks Gary, Jim and Linda for everything. See you next year." 
Rick M., CA

Jacob Young - 801-369-9371

"I can’t say enough about how professional "SCO" was with me on my hunt. I had a great time. We have booke more than 20 corporate deer and elk hunts with SCO and have really enjoyed our time with them.  Mr. Webb,  your staff was awesome. Linda’s food was great. The whole experience was wonderful. Thanks for everything.  Please continue to reserve a spot for my company. Jacob Young - UT 

Bobby Stacio - 559-905-0697

"I don’t believe I have thanked South Creek Outfitters for great hunt once again. We got to see a lot of nice shooter bucks and I was able to bring a beautiful 4x4 home to add to the wall. This was my 4th time I was able to go on a guided hunt. This past  hunt was by far the best ever. Jim has some excellent stories to tell and always keeps the hunters laughing. Linda, she's just awesome! She makes great "5 star" home cooked meals. I hope I get a chance to come hunting again soon. 
I want to thank you very much for the great time I had and the memories to share. 
Thank You," 
Bobby S., California -

Patten Sorensen - 801-361-6681

"I have never had a guiding experience quite like this. The food was fabulous, the company was great and my biggest buck ever! I definitely will be back. Already booked for 2019". 
Patten S., UT.

Blaine Bambrough - 801-836-8420

"I have been to Colorado and Texas on guided hunts. Your outfit gets the Gold medal!! I loved it. I loved camp. The food, the guides and the set up were amazing. Everything was great. I have never seen so many deer. When I come back in 2019, I am looking for that drop tine buck! Thanks again Gary. Your operation is first class." 
Blaine B., UT. 

Neal Messer - 701-290-4839

"I'm 53 years old and have never taken a large bull elk. My guide told me where this bull was and sure enough, he was right over the ledge. South Creek Outfitters is a first class service. I will recommend them to everyone. ." 
Neal Messer - ND